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Description:   open-sTeam is an open source environment for the creation and maintainance of virtual knowledge spaces, providing a wealth of mechanisms to support collaborative learning and working processes.

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LanOS Open Edition LanOS Open Edition is a tool with an user interface that assists the use of the Linux Ubuntu in Lan Houses, Cyber Coffees and other establishments of public access.

Linked Open Data File System A FUSE-based file system that represents Linked Open Data sets as hierarchical file systems.

MageDominion Open Source VCL MageDominion Open Source Components for Delphi - will contain advanced components for just about any aspect of Windows development, including Windows API wrapper components and more.

ManRiX:Microkernel Based Open Source OS ManRiX is an open source microkernel based operating system with POSIX interface. It is written from scratch using C and Assembly. Microkernel contains just few basic components of an Operating System while others are implemented as user process.

Knight's Steam Server Installer Source Server Install Script (srcds) Features: Live Game List, WAN IP List, Downloads/Updates HldsUpdateTool, Self Updater. Installs Steam Based Servers.Live Game ListWAN IP ListDownloads/Updates HldsUpdateToolInstalls each game server in a different folder of your choice.

LOAP - Linux Open Access Point This project tries to explain the construction of a open wireless access point using Linux.Use your old PC to build your own Wireless Access Point.

Mbuni: Open Source MMS Gateway Mbuni is a fully-fledged Open Source MMS gateway (MMSC) suitable for operators and MMS VAS providers.

Mystic Galaxies Open Distance Logger Mystic Galaxies' Open Distance Logger is a program for logging distance for runners, bikers, etc.

Open Infinity Open Infinity framework is based on architectural best practices and tactics for standardizing audit trail, logging, exception handling, validation etc. Framework is heavily influenced by Aspect Oriented Programming.

Open Kaillera Open Kaillera is an open-source server and client library, aimed to extend and improve maintaining backward-compatibility with the Kaillera netplay protocol.

open-realty Open-Realty is a content mangament software system for real estate websites. Intended to be both easy to install and easy to administer, Open-Realty uses PHP to drive a mySQL or PostgreSQL backend, thus creating a tool which is fast and flexible.

open-sh "open" is a shell script which opens files according to their extention (e.g. *.pdf...) or mimetype (e.g. application/pdf, video/*...). It is passing the options and filename(s) to file handlers (shell scripts/programs). This script is self-documented.

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